Cressy Construction & Development

Why Choose Cressy CRE for your Next Construction Project? Cressy’s Director of Construction Rick Sampson and on-staff Architect and Project Manager Josh Higginbotham, are excited to be a part of your next project. Find out why… Q: What makes the Construction & Development Division of Cressy Commercial Real Estate unique? A: For the past 70 …

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Investing in Multi-Family Housing

Investing in Multi-Family Housing 4 Things You Should Know… What is Value Add Property? Everyone is clamoring for a “value add” property. A value add property is a multi-tenant property that is not at 100% capacity. This provides an opportunity for an investor to purchase a property for a little less, fill the vacant space …

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Smart Workplaces in Urban Spaces

Smart Workplaces in Urban Spaces According to Nielsen surveys, 62% of millennials prefer to live in urban areas*, where they have access to amenities such as grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment and cultural venues. As urban environments become more attractive, the concept of easily walking to work has become more appealing as well. With urban development …

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Looking to Invest?

Looking to Invest? Here’s a Few Tips… What is an Investment Property? An investment property is any type real estate purchased with the intent of leasing to a 3rd party(ies) in order to earn a return. It is not uncommon for an investor to purchase a building with existing income in all or a portion …

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Ways We Can Help Your Business


Cressy Commercial Real Estate = CCRE = CARE Change one letter in our company’s abbreviation CCRE and you get the word CARE. CARE is what I see and what I think of when I think about CCRE. CARE is what sets us apart.  We CARE! All of our team members treat each property as if …

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Opportunity Zones

What are Opportunity Zones? An Opportunity Zone is an economically-distressed community where investors can earn preferential tax treatment for pouring capital into it. Post-recession, some communities simply did not recover and these particular communities have become opportunity zones. These zones are approved by the federal government and remain opportunity zones 10 years after they have …

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Marijuana is a Growing Industry in Michigan

smoke shop sign

Michigan has become the first state, not on the east or west coast, to have legalized adult marijuana use. This is a huge milestone for the Midwest. We address frequently asked questions revolving around this popular topic. What exactly is this new law and how did it come to be? In 2008, a voter initiative …

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Smart Thinking


The real estate market is ever-evolving and it can be challenging to stay on the cutting edge, especially when it comes to technology. Yet technology is all around us and it affects the way we do business – our culture, efficiencies and client interactions. Overall the real estate industry has been slow to embrace change, …

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Why a Property Manager?


Whether you own a single asset or a portfolio, having an experienced property management team on your side is crucial for your asset’s financial success. Communication is key. One of the greatest benefits of having a Property Manager is that they are the main point of contact for your tenants. Tenants should feel comfortable approaching …

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