Consider a Seller Note

Often when selling your business or your commercial real estate, one of the challenges is the ability of a buyer to obtain financing to fund the acquisition. Perhaps the buyer is coming up cash short or traditional bank financing is unable to cover the full asking price and the required LTV (loan-to-value) ratio. This situation …

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Is Now the Time to Sell Your Small Business?

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2017 saw a record number of small businesses being sold. According to leading sales website,, 9,919 small businesses were reported sold in 2017, a 27% increase over 2016. The increase in sales volume can be attributed to the steady improvement in the economy, sales growth and increasing profitability of small businesses. Since an owner’s cash …

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Funding Your Business Acquisition

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Don’t Let the Fear of a Commercial Loan Keep You From Pursuing Your Entrepreneurial Dreams Unless a business buyer is strapped with excess cash or has the financial backing of a strong and willing investor, funding a business acquisition can be a risky and stressful venture. Typically, small business acquisitions and start-ups are funded through …

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