marketing plan

Phase 1


Weeks 1-2

° Signed contract received

° Signage ordered

° Property details gathered through broker, owner, public record

° Preliminary title report ordered for sale properties

° Property activity report created

° Property entered into appropriate commercial listing services

Phase 2

Content Creation

Weeks 2-3

° Graphics and aerials created

° Draft property flyer completed and sent to broker and owner for approval

° 360° video taken*

° Drone footage taken*

° Research targeted mailing list for 300-500 prospects*

Phase 3


Weeks 3-4

° Email blasts sent to brokerage community and regional economic development

° State and/or Nationwide email campaigns developed*

° Property added to social media sites, for example: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

Phase 4 & Beyond

Communication Loop

Weeks 4+

° Property activity report updated throughout marketing process and available upon request

° Broker to follow-up with warm/cold calling to targets

° Presentations to select target industry companies*

° 90-day tickler to re-evaluate marketing

*as appropriate


Waterfall Drive Video tour

Virtual Tour

1827 Bendix

360° Tour

Granger Station East Drone Video

Drone Footage


Email Blasts