The Rise of “Urb-Suburbs”

We tend to think of urban and suburban areas as completely different from one another. One is filled with skyscrapers and crowds, and the other is filled with picket fences and barbeques. However, 2020 has seen the boundaries between these two areas blur. This grey area has created new neighborhoods called “urban suburbs”, or “urb-suburbs” …

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Retail Resurrection: The Adaptive Reuse of Malls

Throughout the past decade or so, e-commerce and changes in consumer-spending habits have created a retail apocalypse wherein a significant number of brick-and-mortar stores have closed their doors. The rate of said shut downs has only accelerated due to the coronavirus pandemic. With the closing of thousands of retail stores, including Sears, Macy’s, and J.C. …

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Meds & Eds: Old Buildings, New Ideas

Meds and Eds is a relatively new commercial real estate term used to describe the relocation of medical and educational facilities to non-traditional buildings. The healthcare industry is rapidly shifting. From Skype patient calls being the new norm, to healthcare facilities relocating to more populated areas, and hundreds of regional grocery stores closing their pharmacy …

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Thank you, Michiana!

Thank you, Michiana! In the midst of a pandemic crisis, companies across the country are pulling together to help their local communities and the nation as a whole. With collaboration, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and compassion, we are impressed with the number of businesses shifting manufacturing production to address the needs of our communities. From …

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New Generation of Marketing

Integrity Billboard

While working through ideas for this article, one thread seemed to be consistent in my mind, “Time changes everything… or does it?”  Millennials won’t remember the unique advertising campaign launched by Burma-Vita Company for their Burma-Shave shaving cream. This family-run business based in Minneapolis, was a pioneer in U.S. outdoor marketing. The roadside campaign for …

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Architecture & 3D Technology

Generations Dr lobby

3D Technology Brings Realism to Your Vision Gone are the days where clients make design decisions solely based on the architect’s tried and true methods of communicating ideas. Floor plans, sections and elevations have been used by architects to convey design intent for centuries. When creating drawings by hand, this was an obvious choice. Buildings were …

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