Establishing a Great Work from Home Space

Like many other professionals around the globe, members of our office have started working from home. Personally, I have found that it can be a rewarding experience. It’s turned me into a production-machine, offering flexibility with few interruptions. Others tend to find this experience a bit daunting with distractions such as laundry, kids, and oh yea, those dishes that have been sitting in the sink.

For the 68% of employees around the world who work remotely at least once a month (currently a lot more than that), it’s important to have a dedicated space to concentrate, work efficiently, and be creative without too many distractions.

Working a full-time job while also playing the role of full-time mom, I admittedly conducted my own research on how to best keep my sanity while also being productive, creative and engaging with my fellow co-workers.

Below are a few tips that I have found to be helpful on making my personal residence a full-on successful mixed-use property.

LOCATION & TOOLS – Where you work matters. Even when you don’t head to a separate building for work, it should feel like a separate space.

If possible, try to find your own separate space/corner if not an entirely separate room. I have my designated corner of a rather large dining room table, right next to the window so I don’t feel boxed in. That space and the hours between 8am and 5pm are designated just for me.

I use a Surface Pro which was provided to me by my employer. I was also given a wireless mouse by my teenage son to reduce wires and clutter. Lastly, I ordered a very cool laptop table stand which has helped me see the screen better – and is very ergonomic!

SCHEDULES & ROUTINE – Working from home can blur the lines between personal and professional. Make sure those boundaries stay up. It takes self-control, motivation, and strategy to succeed in working independently and creating your own schedule.

I have a strict schedule for myself and my son. This has quickly created goals and expectations for the day, as well as a few breaks that we can share together.

Routine is key. Awake at 7am, dressed in professional (yet comfortable) attire, coffee in-hand by 7:45am, logged in by 8am and ready to roll.

 THE GREAT OUTDOORS We all get a little sir crazy sometimes. It’s OK to take a mental break.

•  This isn’t a “want” but a serious “need. Whether it’s for a walk or just sitting on the patio, a 10-15-minute break helps clear my head. My son and our dog are thankful for it too.

COMMUNICATION Spending a large part of your day alone in your house instead of around your co-workers in an office can be a huge adjustment, particularly for an extrovert such as myself.

Aside for email and the old-fashioned phone call, our company is utilizing Microsoft Office Teams. It’s an amazing resource that helps me stay connected to co-workers. It provides an outlet for instant messaging, exchanging documents and video conferencing.

I hope you’re finding your rhythm with your daily work as people around the world adjust to new circumstances. Feel free to comment with your own tips and tricks!


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