The interior renovation for ExakTime created a unique, high tech office space designed to be unparalleled in our area. The goal of this office space was to provide an exceptional working environment for current employees and be exciting enough to attract new employees to join the team. Each of the four groups of teams has a unique entry feature that visually differentiates each team’s space. Consistency through color and finishes were incorporated to unify the individual teams.


Location    Granger, IN

Client          ExakTime

Project        Office

Features     High Tech Space

We at ExakTime would like to thank you for making our recent move from South Bend to Granger a wonderful change for our company.  The office space is working better than we imagined it could and your responsiveness to our needs was extraordinary.  You were integral in helping pick out our colors and carpet options, as well as designing the unique architecture details that ended up being built into the office.  It’s that attention to detail that has given our office its own identity and make it a pleasant place to work on a daily basis.  The layout of our space is integral to our team concept; we’ve grown by 5 employees since the move and we’ve transitioned smoothly because of the functionality of it.  We cannot thank you enough for partnering with us to make this a smooth and productive transition!