Jefferson Centre

The interior renovation of the 7th floor of the Jefferson Centre building was an exciting opportunity to bring new life into a building constructed in the 1920’s. The age of the building and the decades of partial renovations had taken their tole on the building. The entire floor was gutted down to the structure. All mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems were completely removed, redesigned and reinstalled. The entire floor was leveled to provide a seamless transition between new floor finishes. Each of the three groups of employees has a unique carpet pattern to differentiate their space and provide a unique sense of identity with a common colorway in the flooring to create a cohesive aesthetic. The floor finish in the breakroom incorporates an array of colors to create a unique and attractive space in which to get away.


Location    South Bend, IN

Client         Teachers Credit Union

Project       Renovation of 1920’s Building

Features    Unique Patterns, Modern Fixtures