What is eWarehousing?

Most of us have heard of eCommerce, but what about eWarehousing? Think of eWarehousing as a piece of the larger puzzle that is eCommerce. To put it simply, eWarehousing is the process of storing goods before they are sold online.

e-Warehousing is more than just a place to keep your stock, however. It is also about securely storing products, tracking their status, and managing their movement. This is why many eCommerce store owners, or e-retailers, look to professional eWarehouses for help.

There are many different types of eWarehouses to choose from depending on your needs. They include private warehouses, public warehouses, government warehouses, distribution centers, smart warehouses, consolidated warehouses, cooperative warehouses, and bonded warehouses. There are many advantages to eWarehousing, no matter what kind you utilize.

Improved Inventory Management

Many small to medium-sized e-retailers have some level of human error in their inventory management. With an eWarehouse, that problem is eliminated. eWarehouses are built to keep products secure, organized, and quickly distributed. This is because they rely on warehouse management system software which keeps detailed records of inventory and analyzes demand. This means no more missing inventory, no more incorrect product shipments, and no more stockouts.

Faster Shipping

The improved inventory management associated with eWarehousing also translates to faster shipping. Outsourcing fulfillment to an eWarehouse involves batch picking, multi-order support, and packing drones which all speed delivery time and subsequently increases customer loyalty.

Low Opportunity Cost

The eCommerce warehouse fulfillment process is a complicated one. E-retailers therefore risk wasting time that could be better spent elsewhere in their business, like in customer service or marketing.

Many sellers hesitate to use an eWarehouse for fear of cutting too deeply into their budget. While this is a valid concern, the advantages of utilizing an eWarehouse outweigh the costs, at least for sellers that are expanding. There is an evident correlation between seller size and warehouse usage. In order to grow, you need space! Why not take advantage of an e-Warehouse?

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