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Our team of industry experts take great pride in being community developers who build wealth for clients and enhance the vitality of the region through world-class services.

Management Services

We manage a comprehensive range of properties which include Class A office space for major corporations, financial institutions, medical facilities and many others.

Construction & Maintenance

Cressy Construction & Maintenance has experienced extensive growth over the years and has the expertise to assist clients through every phase of a new project or maintaining an existing one.

Marc Jaffe
Marc Jaffe
Email: mjaffe@cressy.com Phone: 317.201.5046

Professional Experience

Marc Jaffe is an Indianapolis investor who has built a career in financial services and real estate for over four decades. Through his experience, Marc has grown his skill set to cover several crucial aspects of real estate investment, empowering him to achieve the best results possible for his clients while pushing boundaries for real estate development projects within the Indianapolis region. A constant student of his space, Marc Jaffe understands the importance of keeping up to date with current trends and best practices to ensure quality work.


Individuals who have worked with Marc Jaffe maintain that he is a professional who sees the value of leading by example. His dedication to pushing for growth and innovation in the world of real estate is evident in his comprehensive and thoughtful approach to investment. Meanwhile, his colleagues also speak to his vision as an investment professional, as his intimate knowledge of the long game plays an integral role in his ability to make decisions that will benefit his firm, tenants, and frequent collaborators.



Outside of his career in real estate investment, Marc Jaffe is known as a devoted family man who can be found participating in events around his community. Marc is an avid fan of all Indiana University sports, especially basketball. He also enjoys participating in the Indianapolis Hebrew Congregation (IHC) in his area which is known among the community as Indianapolis’ oldest synagogue.