The Rise of “Urb-Suburbs”

We tend to think of urban and suburban areas as completely different from one another. One is filled with skyscrapers and crowds, and the other is filled with picket fences and barbeques. However, 2020 has seen the boundaries between these two areas blur. This grey area has created new neighborhoods called “urban suburbs”, or “urb-suburbs” …

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Why Manufacturing Space is Booming During COVID-19

By Don Catalano The manufacturing space is experiencing a surge in demand as COVID-19 impacts retail supply chains. The spread of COVID-19 meant that most purchases shifted towards essential goods. More people desired contactless purchases in a less crowded environment, and this has led to an increase in online shopping. Office spaces are being redesigned and …

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Shifting Demographics to Shape CRE

Millennials recently outnumbered Gen X and Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation. This kind of demographic shift has major implications for commercial real estate. Trends show that younger-age demographics want to settle down in suburban communities in order to escape city life. However, they are not the typical single-family home and mini-van suburbia that immediately …

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Why the Open-Air, Grocery Anchored Shopping Center May Thrive

The coronavirus has turned the world of CRE upside down. Nearly every sector has been disrupted (or stimulated, in the case of industrial) by the pandemic’s far-reaching effects. New trends are being put into place, consumer demands took a 90-degree turn, and new approaches to business are coming into the light. Everyone’s wondering what exactly …

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Rethinking Flexible Space

Rethinking Flexible Space in 2020 and Beyond Commercial real estate is constantly being shaped by the latest trends. It seems like standards are always changing and tenant demands are frequently shifting. This can make it difficult for CRE professionals to plan their long-term strategies. While CRE is an industry that requires everyone to stay on …

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Designations in Commercial Real Estate


When it comes to trusting someone with one of your largest assets, commercial real estate, it is imperative to choose the best professionals and firm. Professional designations are much more than acronyms at the end of a name. These prestigious credentials showcase expertise and experience within the industry. Brokerage CCIM stands for Certified Commercial Investment …

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What Does NAI and Cressy Mean?

What does a brokerage affiliation mean? Our firm, Cressy Commercial Real Estate recently announced our new global affiliation with NAI Global, creating our new brokerage division, NAI Cressy. What does that mean, and why does it matter? Our new commercial real estate partner, NAI Global is the single largest, most powerful global network of owner-operated …

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Steps to a Successful Commercial Real Estate Transaction


Successful commercial real estate closings do not just happen, it takes an experienced team to pave the way for a smooth transaction.  Which is why at Cressy Commercial Real Estate we have implemented a process that walks our clients through each step of the transaction, from contract signature to the moment when the final documents …

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Is Now the Time to Sell Your Small Business?

Small Business bar

2017 saw a record number of small businesses being sold. According to leading sales website,, 9,919 small businesses were reported sold in 2017, a 27% increase over 2016. The increase in sales volume can be attributed to the steady improvement in the economy, sales growth and increasing profitability of small businesses. Since an owner’s cash …

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